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My friend cuboz has decided to commit more serious thoughts to LJ. I applaud him for having the courage to share some of these deep thoughts with us. Which bring up the thought about "us" at LJ and who we are and what we want LJ to be.

cuboz writes that Facebook is full of all "fluffy" thoughts and silly things. People ridicule serious subjects or ignore them completely. This certainly sets us LiveJournal participants apart from those at Facebook. If LiveJournal is to flourish we must have content. Perhaps this is a direction that we need to be working toward.

I know that serious writing can be draining but it can also be rewarding. The LiveJournal platform with longer content is ideal for putting down thoughts. I would really like to see more of that.

Everyone has their own style with some people writing on lighter subjects. My journal tends to be more travel related but I do try to share things of importance. If I see an article interesting enough to share its link, I also write my thoughts about it making it a more personal connection and hopefully making it interesting to you who read my content.

Share yourself with us. You will finding it rewarding.
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Does Nudging do any good?

Are our friends lost to other social media? Is there any way to draw them back? I have tried the "Nudge a Friend" but see no evidence that it worked. I tried the program the LJ offered six months ago where people were invited back with the lure of some member benefits. I saw no evidence that brought anyone back. (In fact, even LJ has been quiet about that program lately.)

So . . . What do we do? Any ideas?

(I do think the Nudge a friend needs some updating. I think the text isn't very effective and we need to be able to add a personal message but if it doesn't actually work then why bother.)
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Predict the next Permanent Account sale!

Poll #1795587 Next Permanent Account Sale?

What is your prediction for the date of the next Permanent Account sale?

By the end of 2011
Early 2012
Mid 2012
Late 2012
Early 2013
Mid 2013
Late 2013
After 2015
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One day userhead sale

Some retired userheads have been returned to the shop for today only. More information available at this post in lj_userheads. Incidentally, if there are any other retired userheads you'd like returned to the shop, or if you 'd like to comment on the policy of removing less popular userheads (to make room for new ones?) that seems to be the place to comment as well.
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"couldn't retrieve anum for entry" error when exporting journals/comments

Greetings fellow permanent account holders! If you have a moment, I wonder if you'd mind helping me troubleshoot something? I've been running into a really frustrating LJ bug, and I know that many permies also value the ability to back up their LJ content so I thought this might be a good place to ask.

Recently, any attempt that I make to export my entries and comments from Livejournal have failed. It's not like I get some content with bits missing here and there, rather I get no content whatsoever. Instead, whatever software I'm using immediately throws the error:

couldn't retrieve anum for entry at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ line 3952

Having read through LJ documentation, I understand what an "anum" is, but in sort of a catch 22 situation I am unable to verify if any of my entries are actually missing an anum in their database row because, well, I can't export my data with that kind of there's no way for me to know if this error is due to a data corruption problem with my journal and a couple others, or if it's just a bug that hits LJ users on a more widespread level.

I don't want to inconvenience anyone, but if you already happen to use a backup/export tool (like ljdump, ljarchive, or export tools for dreamwidth,, etc) would you mind trying to sync/backup your journal real quick and just let me know whether you're getting this same error? Please note that Xjournal and the LJ export page still use the older, "flat" method and not XML-RPC (that's why they don't back up comments and lack other functionality).

If you find you are consistently getting this error like me, please submit a support ticket, similar to this one. Also, if you do, please let me know the URL to your ticket. I am linking to all related tickets in my own ticket's comments, in an attempt to help the developers who are working this bug. TIA!

Scrapbook 2

If you're heavily into posting photos in your journal, or have used ScrapBook a lot, you might be interested in looking at lj_pics_beta (Google translation here). Basically, LJ is going to start beta testing a new photo hosting service in August and is looking for about 1000 paid and permanent members to join the community and be part of the test. Right now they're far short of that goal and the English-language users are heavily under-represented in the community. If you're interested in giving it a go just apply for membership and wait for further posts. It's already early August so the test can't be too far away now.


People can be passionate in their feelings surrounding LiveJournal. That passion sometimes manifests in comments that're negative in nature. This community has over 1300 permanent account holders, and has managed to exist for some time now without the need for warnings or bans.

As a reminder, common courtesy is expected. There is no cause for some of the abusive language, rude arrogance, or disrespect for even marginally different opinions I've been seeing in the last several months. Tongue-in-cheek, one might say this defines LJ; this should not define your interactions in this community. I've had several people express that it makes them uncomfortable to participate in the community, and in a community where our discussion revolves around shared interests, that shouldn't be the case.

Please be civil and respectful of other. If we need to start warning and/or banning accounts, we can do that.