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22 June 2015 @ 10:51 am
Does Nudging do any good?  
Are our friends lost to other social media? Is there any way to draw them back? I have tried the "Nudge a Friend" but see no evidence that it worked. I tried the program the LJ offered six months ago where people were invited back with the lure of some member benefits. I saw no evidence that brought anyone back. (In fact, even LJ has been quiet about that program lately.)

So . . . What do we do? Any ideas?

(I do think the Nudge a friend needs some updating. I think the text isn't very effective and we need to be able to add a personal message but if it doesn't actually work then why bother.)
...evilkyttn...: AbFabevilkyttn on June 24th, 2015 05:06 am (UTC)
I've seen my habits change to where I now use LJ as more of a journal-journal (aka: a sorta of digital "My Diary"). I've got a lot of private entries where I'm venting about things my real-life friends don't want to hear me go on-and-on about. I also use it to keep track of how much I've spent on my credit cards and when the 0% financing offers end so I don't get stung with interest fees - lol. I should mention that I do post in some communities that are still somewhat active, and of course I'm always reading up on ONTD posts.

I've always thought that LJ has so much more to offer compared to FB when it comes to making "real" posts. I mean, you've got custom user icons, animated gifs, you can do a lj-cut if something is a bit too long and you can really control who sees what in a way that's sooooo much more easy compared to FB. Seriously - it seems like when I want to change the privacy settings on a FB post, I almost HAVE to access the full site in order to get to the options I need. Oh, and don't get me started on the FB news feed - I've missed so many friends posts that I would have loved to comment on if I had seen the thing in the first place.

As for how to get people to return - that's a tough question. What if LJ was promoted as a sort of digital "my diary"? But then again, some people on those other sites are so obsessed with getting hundreds of likes and comments on a post - you don't get that when LJ entries are private. :-/

Edited at 2015-06-24 05:08 am (UTC)