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22 June 2015 @ 10:51 am
Does Nudging do any good?  
Are our friends lost to other social media? Is there any way to draw them back? I have tried the "Nudge a Friend" but see no evidence that it worked. I tried the program the LJ offered six months ago where people were invited back with the lure of some member benefits. I saw no evidence that brought anyone back. (In fact, even LJ has been quiet about that program lately.)

So . . . What do we do? Any ideas?

(I do think the Nudge a friend needs some updating. I think the text isn't very effective and we need to be able to add a personal message but if it doesn't actually work then why bother.)
My other car is a robot!tckma on June 26th, 2015 10:21 am (UTC)
I've tried to bring people back. I've tried to bring myself back. Now that I'm much older, I find I don't have as much time for LJ as I used to. I can leave for a week or two and not miss much on my friends list. Back in the day, I read it before and after work every day and there was still too much content to keep up with.

Everyone has absconded to Facebook, and I'm not sure how to get them back. I don't really like Facebook, and I'm only there because everyone else is.

The shittiness of the LJ app prevents me from writing much, as I rarely check from a computer anymore (LJ and FB are both blocked by my employer, and I am often exhausted by the time I get home.)