Yáng Yuǎn Zhì (adudeabides) wrote in permmembers,
Yáng Yuǎn Zhì

Community Purpose

As mentioned in the post about the history behind this community, as of the date this community was created there were no communities established for permanent account members -- a surprising thing to discover, indeed. The intent of this community is quite simply two-fold: (1) to mirror paidmembers for holders of a permanent account, with specific emphasis on permanent accounts, and (2) to provide a place where LiveJournal members with a permanent account may gather to discuss issues pertinent to their account type.

Membership is moderated; journals must be a Permanent Account to join this community. The community itself will typically be un-moderated, and users may post entries and comments freely. All that is expected is a reasonable level of relevance to LiveJournal and Permanent Account users. Posts in the vein of what you might find in paidmembers, news, lj_nifty, and the like are acceptable, along with discussion of specific, relevant issues that're actually raised in those communities or that come to mind; discussion and debate of LiveJournal policies are allowed. Members also have full control of the tags, and may add, delete, edit, rename, or merge tags with discretion. The journal style will duplicate that of paidmembers, since it is intended to be similar, unless and until someone has a style that is simply outstanding (only the best for the best?).

This community is not an official LiveJournal community and is not sponsored, endorsed, or sanctioned by LiveJournal. As such, this allows us more flexibility to work toward being an outstanding resource for permanent account holders. All issues, questions, and concerns should be directed at the maintainer(s).

Have fun, and spread the word to other permanent account holders!
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