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20 June 2006 @ 04:21 pm
Hello, I'm Shay, I've had a perm account since last year, nice to meet other folks with chemically treated hair similar accounts.

Probably many of you know, but there's a huge discussion about LJ becoming more like MySpace and trying to appeal to a 'younger' crowd.

You can read about it, and a petition, two entries down.

Now, this affects perm members because of loss of service, yes, but I'm also wondering- will they allow transfers between LJ and Vox with a transfer token? Hmmm...
The Water Seeker: kidletplymouth on June 21st, 2006 01:21 am (UTC)
So if you actually look at the raw data those stats come from here...
...you learn that LJ has over a million users who list their age as 5 (possibly this includes users who list it as less than 5 but their program truncates at 5 and rounds them all up). Somehow I am betting that does not reflect reality. Also, there are over 11,000 users who list their age as 100 or greater. Also probably not a reflection of reality. Yeah, the info on the stats page is just a chunk. So a total of nearly 6 million people ARE listing an age, but only 4 million of those fall in the 13-55 range displayed on the stats page.

So what we have learned is that a lot of people just plain lie. Or are making accounts for fictional characters, pets, cars, and other such things that have ages different from their own.

(and of course to post this comment I HAD to use my userpic in which I actually AM 5 :) )